Our next board meeting is
March 6 at 3PM at Bliss Dairy in Attleboro

The New England Ice Cream and Restaurant Association (NEICRA) is the premier organization of ice cream professionals operating within New England and its surrounding states. It includes a large group of independent and franchise shop owners and an extremely dedicated group of supplier members. Together we make up the NEICRA family.

Our goal is a cooperative one: to serve those who serve ice cream as a profession.

Since our inception in 1946, our membership has grown to represent every state in New England, as well as quite a few from surrounding states. Our ranks include businesses ranging from the "giants" of the industry to small, single-person operations. Our efforts are supported by our industry suppliers, who support us as Associate Members.

We were founded on the concept of information exchange. NEICRA is the hub around which ideas, technology, and techniques are shared for mutual benefit. This exchange is meant to improve the way you do business, increase your profits, and make your enterprise more successful.

If you're new to the ice cream industry, we encourage you to join us. Our group is sharing and supportive, and our annual meetings and Fall conventions are wonderful resources to help learn from those who already run successful ice cream businesses.

New England Ice Cream Restaurant Association
1030 University Ave., Norwood, MA 02062-2644
Phone: 781-551-4450.

OFFICERS 2017-2018

Tom Smith      HP Hood      603-566-2587

1st Vice President
Mark Lawrence     Polar Cave Ice Cream     508-771-7572

2nd Vice President
Katie Kimball     Katie's Homemade Ice Cream     508-771-6889

Assoc. V.P.
Rod Oringer     I. Rice Co     215-673-7423

Donna Domiano     Fabbri USA     508-864-3147

Rick Pizzi     Pizzi Farm Ice Cream 781-760-3333

Past Pres.
Bethany Smith     Handy Hill Creamery     508-636-8888

Joe Venuti     Bedford Farms Ice Cream     781-275-6501
Doug Sullivan     Por-Shun     724-962-5747
Peggy Warren     Four Seas Ice Cream         508-775-1394

Jonn Pasciuto    Flavorchern    978-828-7263
John Cochrane     Gifford’s Ice Cream     207-474-9821
David Weisser     Concord Foods     508-580-1700
Tom Perkins     Cape Dairy      508-771-4700

Kyle Cameron      Joy Cone Co      800-242-2663
Michael Rondeau      Alvin Rondeau's Dairy Bar     413-250-6459
David Kane      Eagle Equipment     603-717-2430
George Dunlop      C. Nelson     419-898-3305

Margaret Anderson     Taylor Freezer of NE 781-551-4450

All past presidents are Ex officio
members of the board of Directors.